You know what happened to me yesterday, at the school party?
It was totally crooked, but now it is again, happily. I woudn't want to live my life with a crooked nose! :o

(Hmm, actually I think it's quite funny, because it's sooo typically me.)
Now my nose is quite blue, and it hurts. And I can't play handball for two weeks.
But hey, I will survive!

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Today I brought this lovely thing back because I thought it was too expensive for a thing you can hardly combine.
Oh. Now I see it's a reeeal bad picture, but who cares.
It is a sweater from H&M men, with a wulf on it. (As you can see, doh)

But I bought another sweater which I'll be going to make cooler. (with shoulderpads or something, studs)

(Oh, and I went to ArtEZ today, which was... good! :) )

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