Santa oh santa

I had two handball matches today. We won both (jeeh) but now I'm quite exhausted. (aw next week there is a very important one. we have to play against the ones who álso have wun everything...)

And: Yesterday was Sinterklaas (Dutch SantaClaus). I bought just a stupid book for my lovely mother. I couldn't find anything else. Bad.
But I got (from my father) a dressmaker's dummy: Now I can mould to make patterns.
Oh and I also got a film for my analogue camera, and a big box of mandarins. Yum.

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  1. Ah wat een leuke cadeautjes zeg!:D

    Ik heb vanavond een Topshop rokje gekregen en de sequin haarband van de H&M, niet van Topshop haha. Voor de rest ga ik wachten tot de uitverkoop en dan... inslaan!