I was busy trying to pull books in my over-full locker. A group of little kids were desperately looking around, considering what they should do. I bet they had walked through the whole school already. While I was looking at them, one of the boys - I wasn't even taller - came to me and said: "Can you please help us, madame?" (which i found very cute) "Yeah, sure," I said, "You don't know where you have to be, do you?" The boy looked happy: Finally someone who understood him. "We're searching for BT1," the boy said. "That's just up there," I said, and I pointed them where the classroom was. After a little, happy 'thank you' he walked through his classmates and said: "I know where it is, I know where it is!" And they all followed him.

I was laughing in my inside. It's a weird thing I have also walked through my school like that, like 6 years ago, thinking I was cool while being on that new, big, great school.
Yes, I still feel cool but oh, how nice would it be if I didn't have to go there anymore...

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