Well. My actual plan for today was:
1: learn french words (arrg there are sooooo many!)
2: watch the movie 'The world according to Garp'. (we have to read that book for english class but I though it would be smart/nice to watch the movie first. but actually i have already postponed that for a long long time.)
3: sleep.

But. My fingers typed in 'MGMT' on youtube and I've been watching interviews of them for almost an hour. Stupid me.
So now it's french time, then it's Garp time, and then it's sleep time.


And: I got tagged by the lovely Mirthe (wewerefloating) of whom I already spoke in an earlier post! But more about that later. ;)

I like this picture. I don't know. I just like it.
I stole it from colour-youworld by the way ;)

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