My mom just showed me some photographs that I made with my Minolta. I haven't got them here because it was much cheaper to have them developed in Holland.
What I wanted to say: Despite to the supercrappy webcam I think the photographs turned out reeeally well so I can't wait to see them for real and to show them to you, to the world.

Yup, writing in English this time. Although I live in England right now I don't really feel like writing in English (I love to speak the language though). Dutch feels much more natural. But well, I'm going to give it a try :)

I'm already planning what I'm going to do in my weekend. On saturday I will probably be going to one of the mega-supermarkets here in town. I've wanted to paint the ends of my hair in a weird colour for quite a while now and thought maybe they would sell that kind of hairpaint in one of those big supermarkets. But ten minutes ago I thought I actually would like to paint the ends of my hair just brown, orange or red-ish. At least a colour that is darker than my own hair.
And I have to go to a store called TK Maxx. For my birthday I got a giftcard from my hostparents (I don't even know how much money is on there actually...) so yes, I háve to go there. It's a shop where I would never go to without a reason like this. I think it's an old-fashioned adult shop. But well, I'm sure I'll be able to find something I like. I already spotted this bag and I think these sandals are nice as well. Tomorrow I'm going to call the store (hope I don't forget) to ask whether they have the bag or not and maybe they can also see how much money I have on my card.

On sunday I'll go to London again! I can't get enough of that wonderful city. I'll probably going to Bricklane and to National Portrait Gallery. Ahjaa I'm already excited ghehe :p

Well, for me this story is a bit of a story of a twelve year old girl. I'm not against 12-year-old girls' stories but I'm against bad stories of myself (since I want to study journalism ghehe). But well, I will try to go on with it, I think I'll get used to it myself. I give myself a week. When I'm still writing these crappy stories in which I can't express myself and my feelings and thoughts properly, I'll just go back to Dutch.


  1. Ik zat daar ook al aan te denken maar vanzelf ben ik naar de wat meer creative opleidingen gegaan. Maar ik ga waarschijnlijk eerst naar havo! :)

  2. ik vind dit net goed geschreven eigenlijk

  3. he wat reageer ik verschrikkelijk laat haha :( maar je hebt wel gelijk ja. maar hun hits waren meestal toch wel een beetje massamuziek, om het zo te zeggen, dat vind ik wat jammer... snap je wat ik bedoel?:p

    and @ article: ben benieuwd naar de foto's!
    oooooh, dip-dye ofzoiets heet dat toch met je haarpunten verven?:D ik denk dat het je goed staat!
    veel plezier in Londen! ik ga nu even toegeven dat ik toch wel een beetje jaloers ben dat jij in Engeland zit.
    & ik vind dit ook goed geschreven!

  4. Haha wat grappig! Het maakt mij niet uit welke taal je schrijft.