I'm wondering: what do you do when you see somebody who's really attracting you? You don't know him at all but everything seems to be right.
What are you supposed to do in a situation like that? I mean, what do normal people do then?

I hardly dare to say because it sounds sooo girly and I don't want to sound girly although I'm glad I'm a girl because I like dresses and I fall for boys and that would be more difficult if I were a boy butttt: What if he's one of the ones for me (I don't believe in 'the' one)? And I just walked away from him?

Edit: By the way, I just saw him in a glimpse on the other side of the street so don't think I'm a real coward (I'm just a little bit a coward).

Ik vind watje een veel leuker woord.


  1. een cliché-uitspraak gegrepen uit mijn doos vol cliché's: if it's meant to be, it will be

  2. aww ik zou gewoon op hem afstappen en hem een complimentje geven ofzo? dan raak je vanzelf wel in gesprek meestal lijkt me. of zie je hem nu niet meer? xx