I'm back in England.
This artwork of Leif Podhajsky is wonderful, I found it via http://www.froufrouu.com/.

Actually I should go to sleep right now (I've been very tired lately) but instead I'm going to play with my new lens. Stupid me: I forgot my SD card, it's still at home in Holland. But actually: I would make too many useless pictures which would all have to be stored on my laptop (I find it hard to throw things away). My laptop wouldn't like that and die or something.
But because I forgot my SD card that's not going to happen. Thanks fate.
Edit: okay, I can't experiment a lot without that damn card. Good night. You too mr. tambourine man.

I'm listening my (new) Bob Dylan-cd.


  1. really cool artwork! and i love the lay-out of your blog

  2. Great inspiration, and I too love the layout!