I'm already looking forward to making new outfitpictures because I like my new lens so much! It's a 50mm 1.8 for the ones who are wondering. It's a popular lens because its price-quality proportion is really good. It's quite cheap because it's cheap to make those things, and not cheap because the quality is crap.

I'm also looking forward to making a new outfit itself because I really like the stuff I have in my closet. I know this sounds stupid, but I just do. I'm jealous of myself for being able to buy all these nice things. No, I'm not comparing myself with nineteen-year-olds in the slums in India (well, in fact I do) but with myself in two months time, then I'll be in Holland again.

Good night my dearests!

By the way, my laptop seems to be working again !? He just had three reeeally bad days as it seems (knock on the wood).

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  1. the last picture is great!
    nice from the laptop :)