last week @ London

01 02/ near Bricklane 03/ Liverpoolstreet Station 04/ Sandals @ Office 05/ Violist outside National Portrait Gallery, he's always there 06/ Bus 07/ Musicians rockin' on Oxford Circus 08/ French Connection 09 10/ Streets of London 11/ In the Mexican restaurant where we ate 12 13/ I was bored in the train back: my necklaces, all thrifted/home made

PS the memorycard for my camera works again, thanks to Benthe!

And I've totally forgotten about mentioning the Artist of the Day in my posts!
Today: The Dubliners.
They're great. I've got my mum's laptop now and I discovered my dad's music on it. He defenitely influenced my taste in music (and no I'm not only talking about the Dubliners, they're just cool).


  1. Mooi! Meer van dit soort posts svp! :)

  2. Inderdaad echt heerrrrlijke foto's! meer meer meer :D

  3. okay. I'm officialy in love with ur blog. The pictures are amazing and beautiful. Your style is just so cute.. I'm jealous :o