You know I had some technical defects: my laptop didn't work anymore.
So my dear parents shipped my mum's laptop to England in the beginning of the week so I have an own laptop again!

It was quite shitty to not have a laptop for myself, but in one regard it was great: I was so creative! I read books, sewed a lot and started with an 'inspiration book'. 
I hope I make myself doing this more although I've got a laptop again.

Unfortunaltely another technical problem has come in my life: my camera doesn't recognize the memory card anymore so I can't use it now! That's just shit and actually I don't know what to do with it. (ideas, anyone?)

By the way: I managed to make buttonholes! My sewing machine has got a special function for it indeed! When the dress I'm making is finished I'll defenitely show it to you!

Now I'm off to London, bye!


  1. Ah neeee. Dat is echt super kut joh :( Misschien kan je even een ander SD kaartje van iemand lenen en proberen of die het wel doet? Wie weet ligt het gewoon niet aan je camera maar gewoon aan je SD kaartje. :(

  2. Dat is balen! Heb je de SD al geprobeerd te formatten?