forest part 3

This is the part that takes you to your darkest dreams, to Snow White when she runs into the dark forest (I used to be so scared of that movie, because of that I guess).
Well, I was just in a darker part of the wood. I didn't risk my life or something like that.
These pictures both haven't been edited (sometimes I edit colours/brightness) and I like that :)


  1. heeel mooi! en die vorige ook! :)
    vind dat natuurfotografie best moeilijk is om interessant te maken, maar t is je gelukt

    haha dankje voor je lieve comments
    ik hoor het de 16e, duurt nog zo lang haha, ik word echt gek onderhand!

  2. wauw, die tweede foto is erg mooi x

    ps giveaway op mn blog!